Venezuela is one of the first oil-producing countries in the world. Caracas Emmental ridiculizes and denounces the poor condition of the streets of Caracas. Creating surreal situations on real urban scenarios, proposing the staging on the documentary record. The city and its bystanders are the protagonists of this series.     Caracas emmental, 2009-2011   Caracas wonderland  Edición de 5   50 x 80 cm  110 x 90  Impresion digital
 This series discusses events of contemporary history, both Venezuelan and overseas countries through a humorous and ironic discourse. This photo essay uses the technique of staging and direct photography in public spaces to put into context and highlight themes of our own culture.      With The Heroines, I discuss injustices in the social, political and cultural field. The city is the setting, the shoot is in real-time, and the intention is to not underestimate the viewer, but to involve them as an accomplice.      Las heroinas, 2012-2014   Las Odaliscas (edicion de 3) 110 x 90  Las Odaliscas (edicion de 3) 50 x 80
  Detonaciones 2013 - 2014   Danser imbellum  Edición de 4  de 110 x 90 y 50 x 80